Collection: Anima Vinci

Rarely does an industry insider perfume brand grow with such uniformity of approval. A portion of this excitement can be attributed to its creator, Nathalie Vinciguerra, who was born in Corsica. She is a well-respected figure in the perfume industry, having written two books and polished her skills at major fragrance firms like Penhaligon's. However, the compelling idea of the Anima Vinci brand is also responsible for the chaos this introduction has caused.

Each perfume in the Anima Vinci range aims to "awaken the spirit within" by evoking energy, passion, and emotion while creating an impression of place. The brand's name is derived from the Latin for "soul" and "to conquer."


Federico Restrepo, the man behind the celebrated Jean-Paul Gaultier bottle, devised the aesthetically beautiful pebble-shaped bottle that contains all of the unisex scents.

Additionally, Nathalie provides masterclasses that help people gain a greater understanding of the impact that fragrance can have. Using her background in conducting custom scent profiles for famous customers and members of the Royal family, Nathalie is skilled at providing insight into the world of smells and how they relate to the mind.

The Anima Vinci collection is only the start of an ongoing project; in the upcoming year, Nathalie intends to continue drawing inspiration from her travels, incorporating ingredients like matcha into new scents, and even evoking the sensation of enjoying a caipirinha by the sea.

Types & Varieties 

The luxury perfumes from Anima Vinci take you to a new height with its seductive aroma. Wood Of Life and Oud Delight are the unisex fragrances this niche perfume brand offers.