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Amber Molecule

Amber Molecule

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Amber Molecule is a perfume by The Perfumer’s Story for women. The scent is powdery-floral.
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Amber Molecule captures the essence of a poignant and beautiful love affair, enveloping the wearer in a warm, sensual embrace that lingers like cherished memories. Designed to be worn before bed, this fragrance creates an intimate atmosphere, its rich amber vanilla notes casting a spell of comfort and allure as you drift into sleep.


The heart of Amber Molecule is centered around the warm and delicious notes of Amber, renowned for its resinous, cozy warmth that comforts as much as it entices. Amber’s deep, golden scent forms the foundation of this perfume, setting a luxurious and soothing backdrop that is both intoxicating and deeply comforting.


Adding complexity to the amber are subtle hints of Orris and Muquet (Muguet, also known as Lily of the Valley). Orris, with its light, floral and slightly powdery scent, brings an element of sophisticated femininity to the composition. Muquet adds a fresh, delicate floral touch that enhances the perfume’s feminine delicacy, injecting a whisper of spring-like freshness that balances the rich amber.


The allure of Amber Molecule deepens with the inclusion of Tuberose absolute and Rock Rose. Tuberose absolute offers a potent and intoxicating aroma, its heady, seductive qualities heightening the perfume’s sensual appeal. Rock Rose adds a resinous, almost mystical quality, enhancing the scent’s depth and adding a touch of wild, untamed beauty.


Completing the composition are luscious notes of Sandalwood, French Powder, and Vanilla Musk. Sandalwood provides a creamy, soft woodiness that complements the amber’s warmth. French Powder evokes a classic, elegant vibe, reminiscent of vintage cosmetics and a subtle, clean skin-scent. Vanilla Musk rounds out the fragrance with its sweet, sensual base that not only provides longevity but also ensures the scent leaves an everlasting memory, much like the lingering touch of a loved one.