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Escentric 02

Escentric 02

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Escentric 02 is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is fresh-woody.
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Escentric 02 transforms the sensory landscape with its innovative and refreshing composition, centered around the captivating allure of Ambroxan. This fragrance captures the essence of modern sophistication, offering a unique twist with its bright and effervescent notes that conjure the vivid imagery of a golden tangerine sunset.


Ambroxan, the star ingredient in Escentric 02, is derived from ambergris and renowned for its smooth, amber-like warmth with an intriguing mineral freshness. This synthetic molecule is celebrated for its ability to add a rich, clean dimension to fragrances, mimicking the deep and complex characteristics of naturally occurring ambergris. Ambroxan's sensual yet fresh scent is a perfect foundation for a fragrance that appeals to contemporary tastes.


The heart of Escentric 02 features green jasmine bud, also known as hedione. This ingredient is known for its light, airy quality that delivers a delicate jasmine aroma with a crisp, green twist. Hedione enhances the freshness of Ambroxan, lending a subtle floral nuance that complements the amber's richness without overshadowing it.


Adding a layer of playful sophistication, the fragrance includes a unique 'gin + tonic' accord. This inventive addition infuses Escentric 02 with a sparkling, almost effervescent quality, reminiscent of the classic cocktail. The crisp, clean notes of juniper from the gin and the quinine's zesty bitterness from the tonic blend seamlessly with the smoothness of Ambroxan, creating a scent that is both refreshing and invigorating.