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Escentric 03

Escentric 03

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Escentric 03 is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is fresh-spicy.
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Escentric 03 is a fragrance that transports its wearers to a vibrant and lush landscape, encapsulating the essence of the color Sap Green through its unique and vivid scent profile. This perfume is crafted around the central molecule of Vetiveryl Acetate—a hybrid of natural vetiver oil and acetic acid that delivers a smoother, more refined take on the classic vetiver scent.


The vetiver base in Escentric 03 is accented with a subtle hint of grapefruit, providing a fresh, citrusy contrast that enhances the inherent woodiness with a bright, zesty twist. This innovative use of Vetiveryl Acetate creates a foundation that is both earthy and invigorating, making the fragrance a dynamic and modern expression of nature.


The addition of fresh lime peel contributes further to the citrus theme, adding a sharp, tangy edge that complements the grapefruit accent beautifully. This element injects a burst of freshness that is both clean and intensely aromatic, heightening the initial sensory impact of the fragrance.


Ginger introduces a spicy, piquant layer to Escentric 03, offering warmth and a fiery zest that animates the vetiver's coolness. This spice, along with green peppercorn, adds a crackling, almost electric energy to the blend, providing a peppery kick that stimulates the senses and adds complexity to the fragrance.


Musk rounds out the composition, providing a subtle, sensual undertone that ties all the elements together. The musk's softness envelops the sharper notes, smoothing out the overall profile and ensuring that the fragrance has a lasting, comforting finish on the skin.