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Escentric 04

Escentric 04

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Escentric 04 is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is citrusy-woody.
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Escentric 04 immerses you in a vivid synesthetic experience, pairing the olfactory delight of its fragrance with the visual cue of diluted magenta, creating an atmosphere of vibrant, playful elegance. This innovative scent is part of a unique series that emphasizes the role of single molecules in creating complex aromas, with Escentric 04 centering on the molecule Javanol.


Javanol is a synthetic sandalwood molecule known for its sheer, clean, and ultra-modern woodiness, which provides a fresh reinterpretation of the traditional, creamy sandalwood base. This molecule captures the essence of sandalwood's depth without its typically heavy or overly rich profile, making it perfect for those seeking a lighter, more contemporary woody fragrance.


The top notes of Escentric 04 sparkle with a citrusy and spicy blend that immediately captivates the senses. Pink grapefruit peel offers a juicy, tart freshness that injects a vibrant and salacious quality to the scent. Lime zest adds a sharper, tangy edge, complementing the grapefruit with its bright, acidic aroma. Juniper contributes a crisp, aromatic facet with a slightly resinous pine-like freshness, enhancing the fragrance’s complexity. Pink pepper rounds out the top notes with a subtle spicy-sweetness, lending a fine, peppery warmth that bridges the citrus and woody elements beautifully.