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Goudh a perfume by Fugazzi for women and men. The scent is sweet-oriental.
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Goudh is an exquisite fragrance that luxuriates in the opulence of Oudh, an ingredient celebrated for its rich complexity and aromatic depth. Designed for those who revel in unabashed hedonism, this scent captures the essence of timeless pleasure and unapologetic luxury.


The fragrance begins with a vibrant and inviting blend of top notes. Muguet (lily of the valley) offers a delicate, fresh floral scent that introduces a light, airy touch to the composition. Pamplemousse (grapefruit) adds a burst of citrusy sharpness, infusing the fragrance with its lively, tangy aroma. Mandarin complements this with a sweeter, softer citrus note, while Sambac jasmine, a variety known for its intoxicatingly rich and exotic floral fragrance, deepens the initial freshness with a touch of opulence.


As Goudh evolves, the heart notes unfold into a symphony of luxurious warmth and sensuality. Ambergris provides a marine, slightly animalic richness that enhances the fragrance's depth and longevity. Musk adds a clean, subtly sensual undertone, while leather contributes a smoky, richly textured dimension that hints at the wild and untamed. Indonesian patchouli introduces a dark, earthy edge, enhancing the complexity of the heart. Black currant offers a fruity, slightly tart contrast to the heavier notes, and Bulgarian rose rounds out the mid-notes with its velvety, honeyed floral scent, adding a traditional touch of refined beauty.


The base of Goudh is anchored by Oudh, the star ingredient, known for its woody, balsamic, and slightly resinous aroma that feels both ancient and intensely personal. Vetiver Java brings in a smoky, earthy quality that complements the oudh beautifully, while Indian sandalwood adds a creamy, rich, and smooth woody note that softens the overall intensity. Benzoin concludes the scent profile with its sweet, vanilla-like warmth, providing a soothing finish to the luxurious and complex olfactory journey.