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Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood

Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood

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Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is woody-fresh.
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Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood is an exemplary fragrance in the M+ series, showcasing a profound commitment to minimalism while harnessing the powerful olfactory characteristics of Guaiac Wood blended with Iso E Super. This fragrance is a celebration of simplicity and depth, offering a sensory experience that is both refined and intensely atmospheric.


Iso E Super forms the foundation of this unique fragrance, known for its abstract, cedarwood-like scent that provides a warm, velvety, and cocooning sensation. It serves as a modern, almost transparent base that enhances the natural chemistry of the skin, making the fragrance incredibly personal and subtly compelling.


Guaiac Wood, derived from the heartwood of the Bulnesia sarmientoi tree, introduces a rich, smoky, and woody dimension to the fragrance. It is known for its warm, resinous aroma that evokes images of creamy whisky and a cozy winter fireplace. This essential oil carries a profound depth, with a dark, almost grave quality that adds a serious, contemplative layer to the fragrance.


Geza Schoen describes Guaiac Wood as having the smokiness and aromatic quality of a great whisky, combined with a creamy warmth reminiscent of wooden casks used in liquor maturation. The analogy of "emulsified smoke" melting into Iso E Super creates a luxurious skin scent that is both erogenous and extremely sexy, suggesting a quiet evening by the fire, wrapped in a blanket of aromatic warmth.


The addition of volatile rum absolue at the top of Molecule 01 + Guaiac Wood introduces a brief, intoxicating burst of aroma that quickly evaporates, setting the stage for the lasting dance between Guaiac Wood and Iso E Super. This pas de deux creates a fragrance that is not just worn but experienced, evolving gradually and revealing its layers over time.