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Molecule 01 + Mandarin

Molecule 01 + Mandarin

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Molecule 01 + Mandarin is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is citrusy-fresh.
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Molecule 01 + Mandarin presents a fascinating olfactory dance between the vibrant, zesty character of mandarin and the subtle, deep warmth of Iso E Super. This unique fragrance composition by Geza Schoen captures the lively essence of citrus and the mysterious allure of a synthetic wood note, creating a dynamic and evolving scent experience that is both refreshing and comforting.


Iso E Super is at the core of this fragrance, known for its abstract and almost elusive quality. Described as a cedarwood note with a velvety, cocooning sensation, Iso E Super provides a warm, enveloping base that is intimate and subtly compelling. Its ability to blend seamlessly with the wearer’s skin chemistry makes it a perfect foundation for the bright and lively top note of mandarin.


Mandarin, extracted from the mandarin orange, offers an initial burst of citrus zestiness that is irresistibly fresh and invigorating. This natural essence captures the fruit's lively, aromatic characteristics, making it a delightful top note that radiates off the skin. However, mandarin's transparency and volatility mean it fades quickly. To enhance and prolong its presence, Schoen adds a touch used in flavorings to intensify the mandarin’s juicy, fruity quality, ensuring that its vibrancy extends beyond the typical fleeting moment of a citrus top note.


As the mandarin begins to dissipate, Iso E Super comes into play, gradually unfolding its warm, woodsy tones. This transition creates a unique interplay between the fresh, energetic mandarin and the deep, soothing Iso E Super, allowing them to "dance together naked," as Schoen describes. This interaction is unusual in perfumery, where typically, a complex array of middle notes would separate such contrasting top and base notes