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Molecule 02

Molecule 02

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Molecule 02 is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is woody-synthetic.
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Molecule 02 is a minimalist yet profoundly impactful fragrance that centers entirely around Ambroxan, a synthetic compound that mimics the olfactory properties of the natural and highly coveted ambergris. Ambroxan is celebrated for its rich, warm, and smooth amber-like qualities, offering a modern reinterpretation of one of perfumery's most ancient and revered ingredients.


Ambergris, traditionally obtained from the digestive system of sperm whales, undergoes a transformation from its raw state through prolonged exposure to the sun and salt water, developing a complex, rich scent that has been treasured in perfumery for centuries. Due to ethical, legal, and sustainability concerns, natural ambergris is rarely used today, leading chemists to develop synthetic alternatives like Ambroxan that can safely and reliably reproduce the desired olfactory characteristics.


Molecule 02 is characterized by its fresh, almost mineral-like smoothness. When worn, it subtly unfolds, enveloping the wearer in layers of sensuous, sparkling molecules. The fragrance is notable for its clean, almost tactile quality, evoking a sense of depth and warmth while remaining distinctly light and airy. This balance makes Molecule 02 an excellent choice for those seeking a fragrance that is both understated and captivating.