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Molecule 05

Molecule 05

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Molecule 05 is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is woody-synthetic.
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Molecule 05 leverages the singular allure of Cashmeran, showcasing its multifaceted character in a fragrance that is both enigmatic and profoundly engaging. Created in the laboratories of International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) in the late 1970s, Cashmeran is celebrated for its rich synthetic profile that combines elements of musk, wood, and resin into a single, harmonious molecule.


Cashmeran is distinct for its warm and woody essence, infused with a sweet, resinous pine note that gives the fragrance a unique depth and comforting quality. The woody aspect is dry and aromatic, reminiscent of a serene forest at dawn. Its musky softness envelops the wearer in a cocoon-like embrace, providing a soothing and intimate experience. This combination of woodiness and muskiness makes Cashmeran a standout molecule, offering a complexity that is unusual for a single synthetic ingredient.


Molecule 05 is a celebration of the subtle yet undeniable magnetism of fragrance. It merges seamlessly with the wearer's skin chemistry, creating a personal scent signature that is both understated and captivating. The perfume is designed to be a discreet yet essential part of daily life, enhancing the wearer's presence without overwhelming it. It stimulates all the senses, subtly altering perceptions and enriching interactions with a delicate yet persistent touch.