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Velvet Splendour

Velvet Splendour

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Velvet Splendour a perfume by Goldfield & Banks for women and men. The scent is floral-spicy.
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Velvet Splendour captures the essence of a vibrant Australian landscape transformed by the first blooms of spring, specifically the enchanting mimosa tree. This fragrance is a poetic expression of nature's beauty, reminiscent of an impressionist painting—vivid, bold, and emotionally evocative.


The perfume opens with a vivid portrayal of green stems and yellow blooms—this initial burst mirrors the exhilarating sensation of holding a bunch of sunburnt wildflowers. The green notes convey the freshness of spring's onset, while the yellow floral accords represent the mimosa's vibrant blossoms that dot the countryside. This combination brings to life the contrast between the earth's awakening life and the warmth of the sunlit days that follow.


The heart of Velvet Splendour continues to unfold with a sensory impression of cool air mingled with warm light, embodying the expansive, open fields of the Australian outback. The fragrance captures the expansive freedom of driving through breezy, cloudless landscapes where the sky meets endless fields.


This olfactory journey is both bold and sensual, offering a glamorous interpretation of nature's splendour. Velvet Splendour is like a warm embrace of the earth, featuring notes that resonate deeply with those who have a love for the outdoors and the simple joy of witnessing the seasons change.