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Workaholic a perfume by Fugazzi for women and men. The scent is spicy-sweet.
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Workaholic is designed for the driven and ambitious individual who embodies professionalism and authority. This fragrance melds the essence of success and power, ideal for those who strive to make an impactful presence wherever they go.


The opening note of coffee sets a dynamic tone, invigorating the senses with its rich, bold aroma. This powerful introduction suggests readiness and alertness, resonating with those who are always on the move and thrive in high-energy environments.


As Workaholic unfolds, the heart reveals a sophisticated mix of Bulgarian rose, nutmeg, and muguet (lily of the valley). The Bulgarian rose brings a luxurious floralcy to the composition, lending a refined sweetness and elegance. Nutmeg adds warmth and a subtle spiciness, providing a rich depth that complements the floral elements. Muguet offers a touch of freshness and clean floral notes, balancing the spice and enhancing the fragrance’s complexity.


The base notes of Workaholic anchor the scent in a deep, addictive warmth that is hard to resist. The gourmand elements invite a delightful richness, while white musk and amber add a smooth, resonant foundation. Australian sandalwood enriches this layer with its creamy, woody undertones, and tonka bean rounds out the scent with its caramel-like sweetness, adding a luxurious finish that makes the fragrance truly captivating.